Fire Risk Assessment

The first step to preventing a fire is a fire risk assessment.

Carrying out a fire risk assessment delivers real benefits to business, by taking a few simple steps to reduce fire risk, employers can prevent fires breaking out. If you consider that 70% of business suffering a fire never reopen, or close within 3 years of the fire. By taking the time to do a fire risk assessment looks like a very sensible investment.
It is also a legal requirement.

The Questions you need to ask yourself are.

  1. Have you been proactive in doing a full fire risk assessment for the business?
  2. Are you aware that a full documentary evidence of this fire risk assessment needs to be kept so it can be inspected at anytime?
  3. Would your business stand up to an inspection from the fire brigade who not only need to see evidence of the fire risk assessment but also full documentation if you employ five or more people?

If the answer is No then it is time to act.


One option is to get a Fire Risk Assessment Consultant to do your fire risk assessment for you.
All our risk assessments are under taken and/or supervised by qualified fire safety consultants to local Authority Fire Brigade, Fire Safety Enforcement Officer Standards with A1, V1 (D32,33 and 34) NVQ Assessors qualifications. These include all risk based approaches, fire engineering principles and full working knowledge of legislative requirements and guides to produce a safe working environment based against like risk, cost and business continuity.

Fire Precautions

The Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations1997 Amended 1999

Failure to comply with this act is an offence that can result in prosecution.

As from 1st December 1999 these regulations affect every business with or without a fire safety certificate.

You must now have written procedures for fire safety management.

You can view the Regulations 1997 Bo 1840 from Her Majesty’s Stationary office
Also the amendment to the regulations 1999 No 1877 which affects buildings that carry an existing Fire certificate.

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