The Fire Safety Order 2005, or ‘FSO’ as it will become known, replaced the Fire Precautions Act 1971 and The Workplace Fire Regulations from 1st October 2006.

The FSO places a duty on the ‘Responsible Person’ to carry out a written Fire Risk Assessment of ‘ALL’ premises and/or other areas under their control and to identify significant risks so they can be minimised immediately and other potential risks/fire hazards so they can be effectively managed.

The ‘FSO’ puts the responsibility of assessing Fire Risk in on a ‘Responsible Person’. This means it may be the employer’s duty to do the relevant Fire Risk Assessment, and/or ‘Persons in control of premises’ e.g. managing agents of a multi occupied premises where they would be responsible for assessing the common parts, means of escape, general fire precautions, plant rooms etc.

A thorough Fire Risk Assessment carried out regularly is now absolutely vital to a business if it is to comply fully with current Health and Safety standards in the workplace. It must be written down if the business employs 5 or more people and it is serious offence if the ‘Responsible Person’ and/or employers fail to comply.

All necessary and adequate precautions must be taken to minimise all possible risks once a Fire Risk Assessment has been completed and provide safe systems in accordance with the current Fire Regulations and ensure that these are tested regularly.

If the ‘Responsible Person’ fails in this duty they could be liable for prosecution.

Competency is fundamental in undertaking fire risk assessments. Responsible persons need to decide who has suitable training, experience and knowledge to perform these assessments – not always an easy task.

At Amber Fire Protection Services Ltd our assessors are all qualified fire safety specialists with over 25 years’ experience with a professional fire service, including a background in fire safety enforcement.

In addition our assessors are either Members or Graduates of the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE), or equivalent professional bodies.

Amber Fire Protection Services Ltd carry out risk assessments each year for a wide range of clients and property types including:

  • High-street retailers
  • The common parts of residential accommodation
  • Factories
  • Offices, both tenants and managing agent common parts

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